Located in Westwood Village, Koala T Cafe is a purveyor of handcrafted and authentic Szechuan cuisine made for food lovers of all kinds.

The earliest vision of Koala T was born out of the UCLA campus when two students sought to cater delicious, quality boba and tea accessible to their fellow Bruins by starting a food truck to sell near campus. After two long years of hard work, they were finally able to open the brick and mortar location at 10965 Weyburn Ave in 2015. Teaming up with an award-winning chef, it became one of the first Chinese restaurants in Westwood to serve authentic, fresh, wok-to-table Chinese food to the Westwood community. Today, Koala T Cafe continues to give back to the UCLA community, offer delicious food and drinks, and never stop improving and growing.

Two head chefs from a prominent Beijing-based restaurant in Los Angeles joined Koala T Cafe as head chefs starting in 2018. Trained at the restaurant headquarters in Beijing, the chefs have mastered various Chinese cuisines. Together, they bring 50+ years of extensive culinary skills to serve the UCLA community with authentic Chinese cuisine and small eats. Stay tuned as chefs will introduce their repertoire of unique dishes, dim sum, small eats, and handcrafted desserts from all over China in the coming months...

Our space is also perfect for any and all types of customers. Our flex casual program during lunch hours makes dropping by for a meal easy for the busy professional or those needing quick and delicious meals.